Contact us  T: 01932 943099  LInkedin

Contact us  T: 01932 943099  LInkedin

Public Sector & UK Government

Recent events have shown that the public & government sectors face some of the most sophisticated cyber threats. Our experience in this sector lies with supporting organisations such as Cisco Systems, Aspective (A Vodafone Company) TTT Moneycorp, Fujitsu Services, Atos, Savvis, HP Enterprise, Serco, Sungard AS, CSC Capital, Parliamentary Digital Services, Department for Work & Pensions, THALES UK & BAE Systems.

Implementing, maintaining & the improvement of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) is vital to ensuring the stability of our society and economy. As such there are 13 main areas that underpin the provision of the service’s we utilise every day:

Chemicals, Civil Nuclear, Communications, Defence, Emergency Services, Energy, Finance, Food, Government, Health, Space, Transport & Water. Several of these sectors have defined ‘sub-sectors’; Emergency Services for example can be split into Police, Ambulance, Fire Services & Coast Guard.

MobiTechCyber are able to use our expertise to support those running these infrastructures & services providing them with the confidence they are able to do so securely & safely.

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